International Observer - Escape from the Dungeons of Dub

1. Wyndham Bowling Dub
2. Ate Rack Bay Saline
3. Wanna Be Free
4. Enter Your Passcode
5. Sawmill Dub

Released August 2017

Pitch Black - Invisible Circuits

1. It's the Future Knocking (International Observer's No Smoking Dub)
2. Invisible Chatter (Kaminanda Remix)
3. Circuit Bent (Radioactive Man Remix)
4. Filtered Senses (Beam Up Remix)
5. Pixel Dust (Crises Remix)
6. A Great Silence is Spreading (peak_shift Remix)
7. Without The Trees (Tom Cosm's Twitch Itch Remix)
8. Dub Smoke (Tripswitch Remix)
9. Invisible Chatter (Digital Playground Remix)
10. It's the Future Knocking (Alpha Steppa Remix)

Released July 2017

mcthfg - The Sum of the Parts

1. Beautiful Noise
2. Where Things Are Different From Now
3. Music Can Never Be Created or Destroyed
4. iyouwe
5. Hymn for Relativity

Released June 2017

SUBSET - Dub Observer

1. Kickstarter
2. Live From Oaks Rd
3. Dub Observer
4. Taganga
5. Decoded

Released June 2017

Continuum - Rising Slowly

1. Rising Slowly (Continuum Dub)
2. Rising Slowly (Spatialize Remix)
3. Rising Slowly (two7three Falling Slowly Mix)
4. Rising Slowly (Flexagon Remix)
5. Rising Slowly (False Identity Remix)

Released May 2017